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BelTA – News (Belarus)


Last BelTA news
  1. The growth rate of Belarus' merchandise export to Uzbekistan will have to be at least 108%, to Russia – 107%, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan – 105%. As far as European countries are concerned, export to Spain is expected to increase by 12%.
  2. Among other things the air terminal will include two warehouses with refrigerating chambers for storing flowers. The terminal's total area will be close to 5,300m2. About 12 months is the standard time for building the air terminal.
  3. The upcoming championship will be as close as possible to the standards the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019 will follow in June. The championship in the Sports Palace is being prepared together with the international and national federations and the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee.
  4. Their investors intend to implement most of the projects using the new sites FEZ Vitebsk acquired after its territory was expanded in line with Belarus president decree No.346. Sites in Polotsk District, Novopolotsk, and Orsha are among them.
  5. Participants of the conference are expected to discuss the state of the global market of oil, oil products, liquefied carbon gases, the state of competition on the markets of oil, oil products, and liquefied gas in Central European countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states, and the European part of Russia.
  6. Manufacturing, tourist and cultural potential of Gomel Oblast will be showcased at a fair and festival in Russia's Buryatia.
  7. State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council Stanislav Zas met with Deputy Secretary of the Security Council under the President of Uzbekistan Bobur Shayakubov in Minsk on 21 February.
  8. This year, the Czech Embassy has planned several reciprocal business visits between the two countries to discuss cooperation in brewing (small craft breweries), production and processing of fish, and water clean-up projects.
  9. Utair topped the ranking in the category of airlines operating more than 100 flights per month with a punctuality rate of 77.5%, as 93 out of 120 flights arrived on time.
  10. FEZ Vitebsk is home to 45 companies, with the share of companies with foreign capital in excess of 50%. In 2018 the industrial output growth rate totaled 117.3%, with proceeds from sales up by 30%. The net profit of the resident companies amounted to Br62.5 million in 2018.

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