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RT News

RT News

RT World News
  1. Preview A correspondent with RT France has been beaten with a baton by a police officer in the French city of Toulouse where he was filming a Yellow Vests protest. He was wearing press identification.
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  2. Preview An ongoing spat between developing and developed nations over garbage imports has drawn attention to an issue that ‘advanced’ countries seemed to have put on the back burner – waste management.
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  3. Preview Russia has floated its third next-gen nuclear icebreaker – the Ural – designed to lead ships through the thickest ice sheets in the Arctic. When completed these type of vessels will become the world's largest and most powerful.
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  4. Preview The US military has blamed the Iranian elite unit for damage sustained by four commercial ships off the shore of the United Arab Emirates but gave no proof of their claims while the nature of the incident remains unknown.
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  5. Preview The universe is constantly expanding and stretching further afield, but the Hubble space telescope managed to catch one of the rare galaxies that’s defying the odds and actually moving closer to us.
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  6. Preview NATO ‘experts’ have developed an updated strategy, the bloc's chief Jens Stoltenberg revealed. And one doesn’t have to look for long for an explanation, with ‘bad Russia’ conveniently cited as a reason for the overhaul.
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  7. Preview The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea is urging Russia to hand over Ukrainian ships and crew detained for “border violation” off Crimea in 2018. Moscow has hit back, saying the body has no jurisdiction here.
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  8. Preview A senior police officer in Australia has said that violence against women “is absolutely about men’s behavior” after dog-walkers discovered a woman’s body in Melbourne.
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  9. Preview A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali has erupted, spewing lava and throwing chunks of rock up to 3 kilometers away. An ash column rose about 2.5 kilometers high over the volcano, according to local officials.
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  10. Preview Iran is prepared to deploy ‘secret weapons’ against American warships, a military official in Tehran said, after the Pentagon sent three destroyers to the Persian Gulf amid a wave of increased tensions between the two states.
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