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==>Cyprus News<==

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The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern part of the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. The island (and capital city Nicosia) is divided with Turkey to the north. Known for beaches, it also has a rugged interior with wine regions. Coastal Paphos is famed for its archaeological sites relating to the cult of Aphrodite, including ruins of palaces, tombs and mosaic-tiled villas. - Republic of Cyprus - The Cyprus Parliament - Press and Information Office - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Embassy of Cyprus in Washington - Statistical Service of Cyprus

Map of Cyprus - Cyprus Mail International daily news - Cyprus News Agency - The Cyprus Weekly - Latest News from Cyprus - Cyprus on Film - Cyprus Wine Museum - Cyprus Museum of Natural History - The Paradise Jazz Festival Cyprus - The Bank of Cyprus Group - The Central Bank of Cyprus - The Cyprus Stock Exchange


International Airlines - Cyprus Ports Authority - The Cyprus Tourism Organization - Cyprus-Net The World of Cyprus - Guide to Cyprus - Nicosia Municipality - Larnaca Port and city guide - Limassol Municipality - Paphos Municipality - North Cyprus - Hotels in Cyprus - Cyprus Higher Education - Cyprus College - University of Cyprus - Open University of Cyprus - University of Nicosia - Cyprus International University - The Environmental Study Center - ESC - The Cyprus Conservation Foundation - Birdlife Cyprus Birds & Birding Cyprus - Nature of Cyprus - History of Cyprus - History of Cyprus - Cypriot web sites

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