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  1. “It certainly looks that way to me, it’s very sad," Trump said before leaving for a campaign event.
  2. Don't call Mom, Dad or friends if you win the jackpot. Shut your mouth and call a lottery lawyer, advises one attorney, to protect yourself.
  3. Astros fan Troy Caldwell, involved in ALCS interference call, attempted to explain what happened: 'I don't understand why it wasn't a home run.'
  4. In protesting a caravan of migrants, President Trump threatened to deploy active-military to seal the southern border. It’s unclear he can do so.
  5. The lack of power has been a challenge for Puerto Ricans recovering from the storm and was a key factor in widespread deaths after the hurricane.
  6. An FBI agent was sentenced Thursday to four years in federal prison after pleading guilty to giving classified information to a reporter.
  7. “When I came out, I had death threats and there was a bomb threat, but they misjudged the time of the taping,” Ellen DeGeneres said.
  8. The Houston Astros believe they were robbed of a home run by Jose Altuve when umpire Joe West ruled fan interference on Mookie Betts' catch attempt.
  9. Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke has spent more money on Facebook ads than Donald Trump. Others who want to beat Trump in 2020 are also mining Facebook users.
  10. Colorado parents discussed the correct way to assure a child would contract Chickenpox. One parent said she was "swamped with requests" to share her daughter's Chickenpox.

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