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BelTA – News (Belarus)

Last BelTA news
  1. The ambassador noted: “Trade and economic sphere represents the backbone of our relations. As for the political dialogue, everything is excellent. With these agreements signed, we now have a powerful base for advancing the relations."
  2. Cultural cooperation between Belarus and Azerbaijan intensively advances across the board. The large number of events held by both countries testifies to that. The music and poetry party will surely help bring the two nations closer to each other.
  3. According to the source, the company started cooperating with a major furniture retail chain in Poland. The first batch of merchandise was shipped. The company also exported the first container full of furniture to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  4. The Belarusian city of Baranovichi will celebrate City Day on 17-18 May 2019. The celebrations will mark the forthcoming 2nd European Games and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.
  5. The parties reached a rational decision and settled the last remaining disagreement on separation of competitive activities and natural monopoly activities in the national electricity markets, which will help develop the common electricity market within the time limit set in the EAEU Treaty.
  6. Members of the delegation and officials from the Belarusian Defense Ministry will share their best practices in organizing information and propaganda work in the armed forces making use of military history museums for this purpose, the Defense Ministry said.
  7. Belarus hopes to get more Tokyo Olympic quotas for its weightlifters, head coach of the Belarusian national weightlifting team Viktor Shershukov told the media on 23 April.
  8. The project has kicked off with a dialogue of generations event which was held at the Palace of Culture of Veterans. Taking part in the event were veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the finalists of the national beauty pageant Spring Queen 2019.
  9. Labor pensions will be recalculated on 1 May 2019 in connection with the growth of the average salary in the republic. Pensioners' actual earnings will be corrected with reference to the average salary in Belarus which was used for the previous recalculation. Labor pensions will increase by 6.5% as a result.
  10. The official said: “We've been forced to reduce the workload of both Naftan and Mozyr Oil Refinery. We've decided to reduce their workloads by roughly 40% at Mozyr Oil Refinery and by about 50% at OAO Naftan.”

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