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BelTA – News (Belarus)


Last BelTA news
  1. Austria is the first country to act upon Belarus' proposal to build national monuments in commemoration of the victims in the Trostenets Memorial Complex. The monument is supposed to perpetuate memory about more than 10,000 Austrian Jews killed in the death camp near the village of Maly Trostenets.
  2. The mayor said: “Thanks to the visa-free travel program more and more people come to Brest and explore it anew. The fact that we saw 18,500 visa-free tourists in 2018 confirms it. Grodno is a good reference point we should strive to match."
  3. Alexander Turchin said: “The problem of effectiveness of the state sector is the key problem today. Some enterprises will not work due to various reasons regardless of whether help is available or not. The question of what we should do with those is the most complicated one.”
  4. Belarusian defense products at IDEX 2019 will include innovative solutions in the area of development and production of automated systems for commanding troops and controlling weapons on the tactical level.
  5. First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Alexander Turchin gave instructions to first and foremost determine the format of the work and functions of the National Agency of Investment and Privatization (NAIP). This organization will have to offer one-stop shop experience to investors in Belarus.
  6. Vladimir Medinsky invited Belarusian children to take part in the Russian program of cultural and educational tourism.
  7. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko scored goals during the ice hockey game at Shayba Arena in Sochi on 15 February. Tigers Team, that the two presidents played for, thrashed Bears Team 16:1.
  8. The document spells out financing of some budget expenditures in 2019 and establishes the list of legal acts and decisions that should be drafted and approved this year in order to implement the law.
  9. The youth camp is organized by the BRSM Youth Union, the Youth Progress Union of Latvia, and the Russian Union of Youth.
  10. “It is with deep pain and sorrow that Belarus has learned the news about numerous victims among India's paramilitary police as a result of the terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir state,” the president remarked. “Belarus resolutely condemns this act of violence.”

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