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BelTA – News (Belarus)

Last BelTA news
  1. Belarus lost two first sets to the rival but fought back in the next three to secure an overall win. Vladislav Davyskiba was named the top scorer for the winning team with 21 points.
  2. One of the areas of work will be the attraction of foreign volunteers to the 2nd European Games MINSK 2019. The league staff will also participate in the training of volunteers.
  3. A Seoul court on Friday sentenced former President Park Geun-hye to eight years in prison for illegally taking off-book funds from the state spy agency and interfering in elections during her term in office.
  4. The Salei Cup is a round-robin tournament in which two best teams will play the final at the venue of the team that topped the table in the first stage.
  5. The Belarusian-Austrian duo defeated the Brazilian tandem of Fabricio Neis and Fernando Romboli 6-3, 6-3 in the quarterfinal.
  6. The parties expressed mutual interest in expanding the exchange of information and enhancing interaction.
  7. The agreement on inviting Belarusian specialists to search for and extract gold in Sudan was reached as Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visited the country. A private company with Belarusian capital now works in Sudan within the framework of public private partnership.
  8. “We have huge reserves of mortar sand. We have reserves of granite, stone, basalts, and quartz sand. We are now working with the Architecture and Construction Ministry in order to get the deposits of basic construction materials involved in the economy,” said Andrei Khmel.
  9. So far this year the visa-free travel zone Brest has attracted over 7,500 visa-free travelers from 53 countries. The most active tourists came from Poland. The opportunity to visit Brest and the surrounding area also attracts tourists from Lithuania, Latvia, and Germany.
  10. According to the source, work to find gold in Belarus was done as part of the government program on exploring mineral deposits and building up the country's raw materials base in 2011-2015. In particular, exploratory work was done in Stolbtsy District, Minsk Oblast.

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