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  1. Preview An attack on the Turkish economy is no different from a strike against the flag, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, referring to US economic pressure on his country.
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  2. Preview A knife-wielding man reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” has been shot dead after he attempted to attack a police station in Barcelona.
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  3. Preview A video has emerged on Twitter showing a faceless yet worryingly realistic humanoid robot walking in what looks like a perfectly mundane courtyard. The trip down the uncanny valley caused some to proclaim an impending apocalypse.
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  4. Preview Joining the landmark 2015 international nuclear deal may have been a mistake in the first place, the Iranian foreign minister has said. The deal is now agonizing because of what he called Washington's 'addiction to sanctions.'
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  5. Preview The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has released details about the skeletons found inside the mysterious sarcophagus unearthed in July and opened despite all the warnings about the ancient curses it might unleash.
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  6. Preview The festival brought the best fireworks teams from all over the world to show off their stunning skills and light up the skies of Russia’s capital.
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  7. Preview A soldier has miraculously survived a head-on collision with a subway train in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, sustaining only minor injuries and bruises after crashing into the train so hard that its windshield cracked.
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  8. Preview New Australian bill introduces some of the toughest legislation anywhere in the world for refusing to hand over personal data, while other Western countries are scrambling for their own solutions.
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  9. Preview Viktor Orban's Hungary risks becoming a European pariah after declaring it will no longer certify gender studies courses. Even if they're right about their academic worthlessness, should officials tell universities what to teach?
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  10. Preview Driver of the 30-tonne launcher caused panic on the sidewalk, as he lost control of the vehicle after a rehearsal of the Independence Day parade.
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