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  1. Preview The US ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, says there is little need for his craft as “200,000 tons of diplomacy” are prowling the waters of the Mediterranean, unabashedly endorsing military show-offs as a political tool.
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  2. Preview A bomb squad carried out a “controlled explosion” near a movie in Colombo, Sri Lanka after police discovered a "suspicious" scooter, while dealing with the aftermath of a series of bombings that killed 359 people.
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  3. Preview New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has said she is unaware of any links between Sunday’s church and hotel bombings in Sri Lanka and the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand after a Sri Lankan minister suggested a connection.
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  4. Preview Riyadh has drawn outrage from human rights advocates after it put to death 37 people and displayed a mutilated body of one of them on a pole. The execution was carried out after "sham trials," Amnesty International said.
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  5. Preview If Turkey can't buy F-35 fighter jets from the US, it will look for a substitute elsewhere, the Turkish foreign minister said. The US threatened to boot Ankara from the program over its S-400 deal with Russia.
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  6. Preview The US intelligence community is pushing for American dominance of 5G technology, citing “national security” implications if China gets there first. President Donald Trump has said US “cannot allow” such a thing to happen.
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  7. Preview Reuters has corrected its piece alleging a shady scheme involving Russian oil giant Rosneft helping Venezuela evade US sanctions. The news agency said it did not determine that any payments actually took place.
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  8. Preview Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheme to name a settlement in the Golan Heights after US President Donald Trump has been lambasted on social media.
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  9. Preview China's naval forces are marking their 70th anniversary. And they definitely have something to celebrate, as the nation's naval capabilities have grown exponentially over the past decade – and are set to expand even more.
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  10. Preview The first ever seismic tremor was registered on Mars, proving that the so-far hypothetical “marsquakes” are a real deal, and the Red Planet is far from being dead – in a geological sense at least.
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