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==>Northern Ireland News<==

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Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. The country is known for its Norman castles, glacial valleys and mountains, Celtic and Christian monuments, and coastal links golf courses. Capital city Belfast is home to the political murals of the 20th-century ‘Troubles’ conflict, and the Titanic Quarter, showcasing the redeveloped dockyards where the famous ship was built and a contemporary museum, Titanic Belfast. - Northern Ireland Assembly - The Northern Ireland Executive - Northern Ireland Office (NIO) - Access to public service information - Northern Ireland Statistics

Map of Northern Ireland - BBC - Northern Ireland - Belfast Telegraph News - Irish News - The Irish Times - Links to daily newspaper - News Letter - Arts Council of Northern Ireland - Belfast Festival at Queen's - The Van Morrison Website - Gary Moore Still Got the Blues - Bank of Ireland - Tourist Board - ARK Northern Ireland - The Belfast City Council - The official visitor information - The Queen's University of Belfast - University of Ulster - Department of the Environment - Northern Ireland directory

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