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  1. Preview Contestants in the Miss Germany beauty pageant will no longer strut their stuff in skimpy bikinis, as organizers will remove the ‘swimwear’ category. Organizers say the contest will now focus on “personality.”
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  2. Preview Russia may develop reusable first stages for its rockets, which would likely land horizontally rather than in the style of SpaceX’s Falcons, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has said. He also had words for SpaceX boss Elon Musk.
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  3. Preview The leader of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has pledged his party’s support for a referendum on the Scandinavian country’s membership in the European Union.
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  4. Preview A XiamenAir plane carrying 157 passengers and eight crew members crash-landed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines after an aborted landing attempt. The plane reportedly had its engine broken off.
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  5. Preview A 1973 Australian news report has resurfaced, predicting the end of the world with the help of MIT researchers and a supercomputer. The end of days is apparently due in 2040, with a major global change slated for 2020.
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  6. Preview The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra will be expecting tourists next summer, according to local officials. However, much of its historic beauty and significance has been reduced to rubble by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).
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  7. Preview Videos showing warplanes landing on a road in Russia’s Far East have surfaced on social media. Drivers had to wait for hours as the army blocked the road for a military drill – but at least they got to see a highly unusual show.
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  8. Preview Famed street artist Banksy has weighed in on an ‘unauthorized’ art show of his work in Moscow, with the exhibition organizer insisting that the artist’s Instagram commentary is an “ironic” nod at the exhibition’s success.
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  9. Preview The Tu-22M3M, a modification of the Russian supersonic strike bomber, is a new modern plane inside a classic shell, the manufacturer says. Having greater speed and range, it will reportedly be armed with hypersonic missiles.
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  10. Preview Emotions are running high in Russia’s Volga region after local authorities first allowed and then cancelled a gay pride parade in a village of seven residents. Organizers say it’s the first pride parade authorities ever approved.
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