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  1. Preview Both chambers of the Canadian parliament have voted to approve the bill, paving the way for recreational use of marijuana and its cultivation, including home growth. To become law, it needs a largely formal royal approval.
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  2. Preview A performance in Riyadh by a supposedly Russian circus, which featured female artists showcasing their skills in tight-fitting leotards, may have cost the head of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Agency his job.
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  3. Preview The suspension of a joint military exercise by Washington and Seoul shortly after a number of concessions by Pyongyang amounts to adopting the ‘double freeze’ strategy, long advocated by Russia and China, experts told RT.
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  4. Preview A grand gesture by Madrid to accept migrants rejected by Italy and Malta has backfired on some Spanish students, who were told to leave their dormitories in 24 hours to make room for the new arrivals.
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  5. Preview A scale model of a fictional Nazi flying saucer has been removed from sale after the controversial product faced harsh criticism from German historians and child protection groups.
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  6. Preview Saudi Arabia will reportedly hold bidding among foreign engineering firms in order to dig a huge canal that will separate it from Qatar and basically turn the neighboring state into an island, a local paper reports.
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  7. Preview It sounds a lot like a pipe organ, but a newly-discovered phenomenon known as ‘volcano music’ could be key to understanding when a volcanic peak will next erupt.
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  8. Preview Washington’s plan to create a Space Force could lead to catastrophe, a Russian Senator has warned. Moscow’s ready to “strongly retaliate” if the US violates the outer space treaty by putting weapons of mass destruction into orbit.
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  9. Preview Mohamed Salah has been deemed fit enough to start Egypt's must-win game in St.Petersburg against the World Cup hosts, after sitting out his team's opening-day defeat against Uruguay.
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  10. Preview US Senators have voted to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey, slamming their NATO ally for plans to buy Russian S-400 missile batteries. Ankara warned of “an alternative” should the deal be called off.
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