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  1. Preview In an attempt to salvage the cornerstone treaty limiting the deployment of nuclear missiles, which the US has decided to unilaterally suspend, Moscow has introduced a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly.
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  2. Preview While the pyramid porn perps who took nude photos of themselves atop the Great Pyramid of Giza are safe at home in Denmark, Egyptian authorities have arrested the next best thing – two locals who helped the pair access the site.
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  3. Preview At least 28 people have been injured after a tram derailed and flipped over in the Portuguese capital during Friday evening rush hour, Portuguese emergency services have reported.
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  4. Preview Outraged by the rising cost of living and price hikes on basic services, Israeli citizens who were inspired by the French Yellow Vest movement took to the streets of Tel Aviv demanding concessions from the government.
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  5. Preview The fate of millions of faithful and over 200 monasteries are in the hands of Ukraine’s president, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said, urging the international community to stop Kiev from deepening the religious rift.
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  6. Preview The Israeli ambassador to Kiev has expressed outrage, after a region in Ukraine dedicated the year 2019 to the prominent nationalist leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.
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  7. Preview Kosovo has upset just about everyone (except the US) by creating its army, in a move that researchers see as revenge against both Serbia and the EU, and an attempt to better stake a claim for the breakaway region's sovereignty.
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  8. Preview Paris is bracing for yet another round of Yellow Vest protests, with demonstrators planning to take to the streets on Saturday. More than 10,000 people have already RSVP'd on Facebook to the ‘Acte 5: Macron Démission’ march.
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  9. Preview The relentless stream of controversy at Facebook continues unabated as the social media giant has revealed that a bug in its software gave third party apps access to photos belonging to nearly seven million users.
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  10. Preview A statue of world-famous Indian independence activist and pacifist Mahatma Gandhi has been removed from the University of Ghana campus after protests from students and faculty over racist remarks he made against Africans.
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