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  1. President Maduro acts as opposition supporters defy attempts to stop them bringing in foreign aid.
  2. A judge says the "most vile" part of the allegedly staged hate crime was the use of a noose.
  3. Peter Tork, a member of one of the first boy bands, The Monkees, dies at the age of 77.
  4. The French jihadist who claimed the 2015 attacks for IS is thought to have died in an air strike in Syria.
  5. The actress says she was not at fault over the accident and is seeking a symbolic $1 in damages.
  6. Another 28 people who ate at the RiFF restaurant in Valencia also fell ill.
  7. But a judge slaps Roger Stone with a strict gag order barring him from public comment on his case.
  8. A former Swiss army officer is on trial for his part in fighting against Islamic State in Syria.
  9. Scottish wildlife has been adopted in K-pop star J-Hope's name after he asked for birthday donations.
  10. The Barho family came to Canada as refugees in 2017. All seven children died in a recent house fire.

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