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Luxury Travel Blog - A ravel blog for those people who enjoy the finer things in life

For those who enjoy the finer things in life...
  1. Being able to speak another language is an enviable skill and one that many of us aspire to acquire at some point, particularly after a holiday abroad! A subscription to Babbel that never gets used and the well-meaning resolution to learn 50 words a day are often the first casualties for the many of us […]

    The post Provencal activities to enjoy whilst learning French! appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  2. An incredible view. If your bedroom looks out upon great beauty it is very difficult not to find yourself in a great mood. Waking up to a scene that carries you away is the one detail that always manages to change my day. My favorite African rooms with views that are pure poetry? Here is […]

    The post 13 African rooms with ridiculously gorgeous views appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  3. The Andalusian province of Malaga offers some of the most impressive, varied and beautiful hiking in all of Spain. The recently connected Gran Senda de Malaga, for example, is a circular hiking route stretching more than 600km and covering a startling array of landscapes through mountains and valleys, across cliffs and plains, and a vast […]

    The post 5 refreshing river walks to beat the heat in Malaga appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  4. Did you know that, aside from the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is a wonderland for adventure activities and wildlife safaris, on the mainland too? Instead of hopping straight from Quito to the Galapagos, why not stay longer on the mainland and explore all that this compact country has to offer for active types – read on […]

    The post 5 adventurous activities to enjoy on the Ecuadorian mainland appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  5. Thailand, also known as the land of smiles, where miles upon miles of white soft sand is framed by warm turquoise seas and lush rainforest or mountains. Where temples and culture abound and the people are among the friendliest and most hospitable on the planet. Oh and lets not forget to mention the food!! What […]

    The post 8 luxury resorts to consider for your next trip to Thailand appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  6. With its chocolate-box villages and captivating Alpine scenery, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Europe for a luxury skiing holiday. There’s no shortage of resorts scattered throughout the valleys of the Swiss Alps, but in our opinion these five are the best place to start. Gstaad Despite having enough designer boutiques and […]

    The post Where to ski in Switzerland this season appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  7. Gran Canaria was the most delightful surprise! This lovely island has Spring temperatures all year round and is full of colour and vibrancy. The fantastic quality of the food and wine was perhaps the biggest surprise for me – locally grown ingredients, unbelievably fresh fish and far too drinkable wines that are only available on […]

    The post 5 unexpected reasons to visit Gran Canaria appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  8. Famed for its appearances in numerous films – Bridget Jones’s Diary, Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Dies, Layer Cake and more – Stoke Park is clearly a firm favourite with Pinewood Studios (just 5 miles away) and the British film industry. But if appearances in major movies wasn’t enough to convince you, Britain’s first country club’s many […]

    The post Short stay: Stoke Park Country Club, Spa and Hotel, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  9. Why do so many avid birders agree that Ecuador is the best spot in the Amazon for birdwatching? Thanks to the geographic positioning of the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Equator, a unique variety of habitats support more bird species here per square mile than anywhere else. The Tropical Andes and Amazon are […]

    The post #1 for every birdwatcher’s bucket list appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  10. Visiting Namibia is an experience that you’ll never forget – you’ll feel peacefully small in this vast desert environment and when looking up at the blanket of diamond studded skies at night. This under the radar destination has so much to offer curious travellers, but it is often overlooked in favour of countries in East […]

    The post Namibia’s best lodges appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  11. Plan on proposing to your partner on your upcoming tour in Rwanda, but have no idea how to work it into your schedule? In this article, we’ll talk about five places that would make perfect venues for a marriage proposal while in Rwanda. Top of Mount Bisoke crater If you and your significant other are […]

    The post 5 of the most romantic places to propose on a Rwanda tour appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  12. The small country of Ecuador is often overlooked by travellers considering a holiday to Latin America, however, this tiny gem packs a punch when it comes to old world charm, stunning vistas, delicious food and a rich culture. From the deep Amazon, to the towering Cotopaxi volcano and the outstanding Galapagos Islands, there is plenty […]

    The post The most charming haciendas in Ecuador appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  13. The World Ski Awards were launched in 2013, with the aim to reward the best in each category as voted for by travel professionals and skiers across the globe. They vote for their favourite ski tourism products and brands or chalets and hotels, whilst the audience who gather for the unveiling of the winners serve […]

    The post The World Ski Awards Best Ski Chalets appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  14. Barcelona is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Spain, and being part of Catalonia, it has a distinctive language, cultural background, cuisine and a large handful of wonderful landmarks, nine of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO stands for ‘United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’ and each year, this organisation […]

    The post Barcelona’s 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  15. Exploring Africa’s wilderness is a huge adventure, no matter what your age. However, for children it is a truly magical experience and something they will never forget. A safari may not be the obvious choice of holiday for families with young children, but luxury safari properties are making it increasingly easy to include them in […]

    The post Top 5 child-friendly safari properties in Botswana appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  16. When it comes to travelling the world, whether you’re enjoying a decadent city break, relaxing on white tropical sands, or even trekking across far off lands, sometimes there’s no better way to unwind in the evening than indulging in an exquisite glass of something bubbly. To help you make the most of your evenings whilst […]

    The post The world’s most luxurious bars appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  17. Japan is unlike any other country on the planet, and one that has carefully preserved and protected its culture, history and identity through the ages. It is therefore no surprise that skiing in Japan has it`s own nuances and unique charm. Here are a few `good to know` things about skiing in Japan. 1. Its […]

    The post 6 things to know about skiing in Japan appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  18. When planning your trip to Greece, treat yourself and spend a few days or more in Athens. For many, it is just a transit city to one of the islands, but for us it is definitely a place to be visited and seen. Athens has a great history and culture, being the city where Democracy […]

    The post 7 reasons why you should spend a few days in Athens on your Summer holiday to Greece appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  19. With a totally tropical climate, dominated by sunshine and high temperatures it is easy to see why Barbados is such an appealing holiday destination.  If you are looking to get away really and chill then, you are heading to the right place.  Here are six totally relaxing options for your Barbados trip. Lay on a […]

    The post 6 ways to relax in Barbados appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

  20. You are no doubt familiar with the image of the Phoenix and it’s meaning, the legendary bird that rises from the ashes as a symbol of constant re-birth. No city in the world embodies this fate and symbolism better than Matera, the fascinating town located in the southern Italian region of Basilicata, on the border […]

    The post One day in Matera: European Capital of Culture 2019 appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

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