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  1. The 28 or so hours traveling here has proven to be more than worth itWhile the flight from Houston to Santiago was overnight and in the dark the three hours from Santiago to Punta Arenas were spent winging over the Andes. Amazing is a word overused i
  2. Premier jour Taupo.. o il ne fait pas spcialement beau L'occasion pour moi de revisiter mes premiers jours en NouvelleZlande
  3. Premiers FishChips neozelandais face l'ocan de Raglan C'etait aussi le soir d'une clipse totale mais comme je suis hyper doue je l'ai pas vraiment vue et je ne sais donc pas quoi a ressemble
  4. Deuxime ville en compagnie de Dan l'english Hamilton Ville qui ne valait pas plus qu'Auckland a mes yeux car beaucoup trop de gros buildings et de d'industries Malgres cela j'ai su trouver un lac qui valait le dtour mais que beaucoup de personne
  5. Premiers pas en NouvelleZlande aprs 43heures de trajetAuckland n'est pas la ville que j'enviais la NouvelleZlande mais il me fallut bien trois nuits pour me remettre du jetlag et pour me faire quelques copains avec qui voyager Backpacker
  6. Got the wonderful suggestion from my boyfriend James that we start a travel blog together and keep a track of our trips and travels and of our expanding adventures as we get to see and learn more about our mysteriously beautiful planet. Being a bit of a
  7. Der groe Wetterbuddha ist mir am heutigen Tag wohlgesonnen und beschert mir zumindest keinen Regen. Ich kann also ab 8.30 Uhr im chinesischen Stil noch einmal Hangzhou erkunden. Mit meinem klapprigen Fahrrad starte ich also meine Erkundungstour rund um d
  8. We spent our last night in Dar es Salaam celebrating my passing of the BCBA exam. We acted totally out of character and booked an executive room at the Serena Hotel and enjoyed all the benefits. We did look a bit out of place arriving to this 5 star establ
  9. Weather was going to turn on us to get to the next destination so our Captain decided to leave Newport early to bit the storm. The boss drove the rental car and took the ferry while we took the yacht Pretty odd. They got in to a little adventure that w
  10. Day 2 Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii 14 June 2015 After a much needed sleep we were ready for the beach holiday. We had a fantastic breakfast at the hotel enjoying the scenes around and in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The day was spent w
  11. Cape May is a city at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in
  12. Hello Dalai LamaWell Hello Dalai LamaIt's so nice to have you here while China's doing wrongYou're looking swell Dalai Lama We can tell Dalai LamaYou're still glowin' you're still crowin'You're still goin' strong.We feel the World sw
  13. Hello everyone hope you're all okOur first night of hostel living was interesting quite a noisy and interrupted night so didn't get a lot of sleep no chance of getting over the jet lag there I really don't understand people who have showers at 4am
  14. Hi AllSo I'm on holiday for a week for the national day celebrations. We went out for a ride on our bikes on Friday and Saturday and here are the photosEnjoyJah Bless
  15. Hi AllWell with the weather being so beautiful at the minute we decided to go to the Yellow River yesterday. It's only 20 km north of the city. So we hopped onto a bus which was stuffed to the gills seriously the driver could only just shut the doors
  16. Whew keeping updated is difficult. By the time I leave work around 4pm find something to do for an hour or two around town and make dinner all I want to do is take a short walk and read. Funny how something so simple i.e. this travel blog can be so ex
  17. I made this Blog entry down in Lima with a faster internet connection. Therefore enthusiastically I uploaded many many fotos... BOLIVIAAfter a 20 hours busride from Sao Paulo to Corumba we crossed the border on 27th of April in the morning. Thi
  18. I had not had a real vacation since April 2009 and I was going crazy for warm weather. Jason knew how badly I wanted to get away and gave me one of the best Christmas presents a girl could ask for a CRUISE I'm apologizing now for the lack of detail
  19. It was a surprisingly long flight to Sydney from Bangkok around 9 hours. So we were pretty sleepy when we got there and after the bus back to the hostel we just chilled out and got our bearings. It was a bit of a party hostel and we were in a dorm but lu
  20. Sydney's northern beaches ist ein beliebter Urlaubsort fuer Sydnysiders. Die northern beaches erstrecken sich von Manly bis nach Palm Beach.
  21. When I got to Arequipa a white city within view of three volcanoes in the middle of the desert I was really feeling the absence of Conny and Jennie. It was odd to suddenly be on my own again after 2 weeks of being part of a three. And for the four month
  22. This trip started out a bummer because they split me and Caitlin up. I headed to Mehoopany Pennsylvania and she headed to Iowa City. We are both at Proctor and Gamble sites but our plants make different products. Our goal for these locations was to learn
  23. When you are homeless jobless and penniless there are few options open to you but to return to the family home even if it is in Australia With a degree behind him and a spring in his step Cieran tried so hard to start his career and settle into the next
  24. We took the night boat to Ko Tao. At peak times it could be quite an experience as all the mattresses that are laid out on the boat deck are shoulder to shoulder for the western build. We arrived at 6 am in the morning and headed for the only open cafe on
  25. After breakfast we mad our way to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It took around 1 and a half hours to get there. These were the tunnels used for battle during the Vietnamese war. This was very interesting and the tunnels were tiny. I wasn't brave enough to go down on

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