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Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Many empires have left legacies here, such as the ancient Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza. In the capital, Algiers, Ottoman landmarks like circa-1612 Ketchaoua Mosque line the hillside Casbah quarter, with its narrow alleys and stairways. The city’s Neo-Byzantine basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique dates to French colonial rule.

 El-mouradia.dz - Algerian President

Cg.gov.dz - Prime Minister of Algeria

Majliselouma.dz - The Council of the Nation

Conseil-constitutionnel.dz - Algerian Constitutional Council

Ons.dz - National Office of Statistics


Meteo.dz - National Office of Meteorology

More Official Sites of Algeria

Map of Algeria


Presse-dz.com - Algerian Press Portal

Aps.dz - Algerian News Agency

Newpressphoto.com - Algerian Photo Press Agency

Echoroukonline.com - Algerian and international news

Elkhabar.com - Independent Daily

Elmoudjahid.com - El Moudjahid State-run daily

Lequotidien-oran.com - Private daily (in French)

Liberte-algerie.com - National news, weekly (French)

Elwatan.com - National and international news

Aljazeera.net - Arabic news network


Musee-beauxarts.dz - National Museum

Kabyle.com - Kabylie culture forum

Al-bab.com - Al Bab about the Berbers

Raimusic.8k.com - Algerian Rai Music popular music

Angelfire.com - Cheb Khaled's information on Rai Music


Bank-of-algeria.dz - Central Bank of Algeria

Inapi.org - National Institute of Industrial Property

Cerist.dz - Scientific and Technical Information Center


Airalgerie.dz - The national carrier of Algeria

Algeriantourism.com - Algerian Tourism

Fjexpeditions.com - A guide to the desert of southern Algeria

Lycos.fr - historical city of Tlemcen


Univ-annaba.dz - Badji Mokhtar University

Univ-alger.dz - University of Algiers


Desertsdumonde.com - Foundation Deserts of the World

Cnfe.org.dz - National Center for Environmental Education



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