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Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia.

 Opmcm.gov.np - Nepal's Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers

Ifa.org.np - Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA)

Nepalembassyusa.org - Nepal Embassy in the US

Nepembassy.org.uk - Nepal Embassy in the UK

Cbs.gov.np - Central Bureau of Statistics of Nepal

Dhm.gov.np - Department of Hydrology and Meteorology

Map of Nepal


Hitsfm.com.np - Hits FM 100 Kathmandu Radio Station

Kantipur.ekantipur.com - The democratic media of Nepal

Cybernepal.com.np - Cyber Nepal Internet Magazine

Sherwa.de - Sherwa mi The Sherpas of Nepal


Bbc.com - BBC News Country Profile: Nepal

News.trust.org - Reuters AlertNet - Nepal peace

Hrw.org - Human Rights Watch: Nepal

En.rsf.org - Reporters sans frontières - Nepal


Nrb.org.np - Central Bank of Nepal

Nepalstock.com - Nepal Stock Exchange

Fncci.org - Chambers of Commerce & Industry


International Airlines

Sitaair.com.np - Sita Air Domestic airline


Welcomenepal.com - Nepal Tourism Board

Kathmandu.gov.np - Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Nepaltourism.info - Travel and Tourism information

Viewnepal.net - News and views of Nepal

Visitnepal.com - Nepal travel information

Lonelyplanet.com - Guide to Nepal

Nepalmountaineering.org - Nepal Mountaineering Association

Taan.org.np - Trekking Agents Associations of Nepal

Trivago.com - Hotels in Nepal


Ku.edu.np - Kathmandu University

Kusom.edu.np - Kathmandu University School of Management


Kantipur.ekantipur.com - History From Ancient to Modern Nepal

Nepaldemocracy.org - Politics, government and civil society

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