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Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia and on junction of West Asia, Central Asia and East Asia. It is the fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 207.77 million people.

 Presidentofpakistan.gov.pk - President of Pakistan

Infopak.gov.pk - Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Mofa.gov.pk - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Punjab.gov.pk - Government of the Punjab

Sindh.gov.pk - Government of Sindh

Map of Pakistan


App.com.pk - Pakistan News Agency (APP)

Dawn.com - Dawn Pakistan news

Thefridaytimes.com - The Friday Times Weekly paper

Dailytimes.com.pk - Daily Times

Nation.com.pk - The Nation National and international news

Pakistanlink.org - The Pakistan Link Pakistan newspaper

Dailyausaf.com - Daily Ausaf Islamabad

Jasarat.com - Jasarat Pakistan News

Hrw.org - Human Rights Watch: Pakistan

Irinnews.org - IRINnews Pakistan

En.rsf.org - Reporters sans frontières - Pakistan

Pakpositive.com - PakPositive Pakistan news

Pakvibes.net - PakVibes About Pakistan


Sbp.org.pk - Pakistan's Central Bank

Psx.com.pk - Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd.

Isereit.com.pk - ISE Towers REIT Mangement Company Limited


International Airlines

Piac.com.pk - Pakistan International Airlines

Airblue.com - Airblue Private airline

Shaheenair.com - Shaheen Air International

Islamabadairport.com.pk - Benazir Bhutto International


Pakpersianrugs.com - Pak Persian Rugs


Tourism.gov.pk - Pakistan Tourism Development

Instecdigital.com - Pakistan Country information

Travel.web.pk - Pakistan Travel Web

Pakwatan.com - About Pakistan

Islamabad.net - City guide to Islamabad

Kmc.gos.pk - The city of Karachi

Trivago.com - Hotels in Pakistan


Fbise.edu.pk - FBISE Islamabad

Bisedgkhan.edu.pk - B.I.S.E D . G . Khan

Biek.edu.pk - Board Of Intermediate Education Karachi

Biselahore.com - BISE Lahore


Giki.edu.pk - Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Institute - GIK

Hamdard.edu.pk - Hamdard University

Lums.edu.pk - Lahore University of Management Sciences

Nust.edu.pk - National University of Science and Technology

Qau.edu.pk - Quaid-I-Azam University

Szabist.edu.pk - Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute

Uob.edu.pk - University of Balochistan

Urduword.com - English-Urdu Dictionary and Translations


Waterinfo.net.pk - Pakistan Water Gateway

Wildlifeofpakistan.com - About Pkistan's nature and wildlife


Quaid.gov.pk - Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Heritage.gov.pk - National Fund for Cultural Heritage

Storyofpakistan.com - History of Pakistan


Posted links

https://awamichat.com - Pakistani Chat room

https://funpakmaza.com - Chat room

https://www.pakistanichatrooms.pk - Chat room


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