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==>Georgia News<==

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Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town.

 Gov.ge - Government of Georgia

Parliament.ge - The Parliament of Georgia

Mfa.gov.ge - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Map of Georgia


Geotimes.ge - The Georgian Times A daily newspaper

Sarke.com - Daily News from Georgia


Nbg.gov.ge - National Bank of Georgia


International Airlines

Georgian-airways.com - Georgia's national airline

Tbilisiairport.com - Tbilisi International Airport

Trivago.com - Hotels in Georgia


Gtu.edu.ge - Georgian Technical University

Tsu.ge - Tbilisi State University


Cenn.org - CENN is a non-governmental organisation

Georgia.gov - About Georgia

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