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Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, home to large swaths of swampland, subtropical forest and chaco, wildernesses comprising savanna and scrubland. The capital, Asunción, on the banks of the Paraguay River, is home to the grand Government Palace and the Museo del Barro, displaying pre-Columbian ceramics and ñandutí lacework, the latter available in many shops.

 Presidencia.gov.py - Presidency of the Republic

Mre.gov.py - Ministry of External Relations

Map of Paraguay


Itacom.com.py - Itacom regional news

Lanacion.com.py - Paraguayan News 

Embotelladoras.org - Paraguay News

Paraguay.com - Paraguay related news

Staff.uni-mainz.de - Guarani language and culture

Datamex.com.py - About the Guarani language


Bcp.gov.py - The Central Bank of Paraguay

Bvpasa.com.py - Paraguay Stock Exchange

Ccparaguay.com.py - Chamber of Commerce and Exchange


Senatur.gov.py - Paraguay travel and tourism information

Uninet.com.py - travel and tourism information

Intertours.com.py - Paraguay The heart of South America

Asuncion.gov.py - The Municipality of Asunción


Uci.edu.py - Catholic University "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción"

Columbia.edu.py - Columbia University of Paraguay

Una.py - National University of Asuncion


Mbertoni.org.py - Moises Bertoni Foundation

Nature.org - Nature Conservancy in Paraguay

Pantanal.org - Waterland Research Institute

Yagua.paraguay.com - Paraguay search engine and directory



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