Elobservador.com.uy - Business news (in Spanish)

Elpais.com.uy - El Pais Uruguay's daily

Bcu.gub.uy - Central Bank of Uruguay

Bvm.com.uy - Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo

Web.bevsa.com.uy - Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay SA

Ciu.com.uy - Uruguay Chamber of Industry

International Airlines

Turismo.gub.uy - The Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay

Vivapunta.com - Hotel and travel guide to Punta del Este

Montevideo.gub.uy - The City of Montevideo

Montevideo.com.uy - Uruguayan Montevideo community portal

Ucu.edu.uy - Catholic University of Uruguay

Ort.edu.uy - University Ort

Rau.edu.uy - University of the Republic Uruguay

Mvotma.gub.uy - National Environment

Item.org.uy - Third World Institute (ITEM)

Wrm.org.uy - World Rainforest Movement

Uruguay.com - An Uruguay search engine and directory

Uruguaytotal.com - Search engine and directory


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