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==>Ireland News<==

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Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George's Channel. Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe.

 President.ie - President of Ireland

Gov.ie - Government of Ireland

Gov.ie - Department of the Taoiseach

Oireachtas.ie - Parliament of Ireland

Dfa.ie - The Department of Foreign Affairs

Cso.ie - Central Statistics Office Ireland

Met.ie - National Meteorological Service

Map of Ireland


Irishexaminer.com - Cork, national and international news

Independent.ie - Irish Independent Newspaper

Irishtimes.com - Irish Times

Rte.ie - Internet News Service


Nationalgallery.ie - National Gallery of Ireland

Museum.ie - National Museum of Ireland

Nli.ie - Dublin-National Library Of Ireland

Visitdublin.com - Dublin Writers Museum

Irishwriterscentre.ie - Irish Writers Centre

Jamesjoyce.ie - James Joyce Centre


Centralbank.ie - Central Bank of Ireland

Ise.ie - Irish Stock Exchange

Chambers.ie - Chambers of Commerce of Ireland

Dubchamber.ie - Dublin Chamber of Commerce


International Airlines

Aerarannislands.ie - Aer Arann Islands

Aerlingus.com - Aer Lingus Ireland's National airline

Ryanair.com - Ryanair airline

Dublinairport.com - Dublin Airport

Buseireann.ie - Provides bus services throughout Ireland

Irishrail.ie - Train Services in Ireland

Irishferries.com - Ireland's largest ferry company


Baileys.com - Baileys Irish Cream

Guinness.com - Guinness Irish Beer


Discoverireland.ie - Travel and tourism information

Tourismireland.com - Tourism Ireland

Irelandnorthwest.ie - Ireland North West & Lakelands

Southeastireland.com - South East Ireland

Hiddenireland.com - The Hidden Ireland

Worldheritageireland.ie - World Heritage Ireland

Visitdublin.com - Tourist office for Dublin

Trivago.com - Hotels in Ireland


Ncad.ie - National College of Art and Design

Tcd.ie - Trinity College Dublin

Dcu.ie - Dublin City University

Nui.ie - National University Of Ireland

Ucc.ie - University College Cork

Ucd.ie - University College Dublin

Ul.ie - University of Limerick


Environ.ie - Department of the Environment

Epa.ie - Environmental Protection Agency

Foe.ie - Friends of the Earth Ireland

Npws.ie - National Parks & Wildlife Service - NPWS

Coolepark.ie - Coole Park and Gardens

Heritageireland.ie - Heritage Ireland

Wicklowmountainsnationalpark.ie - Wicklow Mountains National Park


Nationalarchives.ie - The National Archives of Ireland

Celt.ucc.ie - Irish history, literature and politic

Irishhistorylinks.net - Irish History Timeline


Searchengine.ie - Irish sites and business

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