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==>Belgium News<==

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Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinctive regions including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. The bilingual capital, Brussels, has ornate guildhalls at Grand-Place and elegant art-nouveau buildings.

 Monarchie.be - The Belgian Monarchy

Premier.be - Prime Minister of Belgium

Senaat.be - The Federal Parliament of Belgium

Diplomatie.belgium.be - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Belgium.be - Official portal of Belgium

Statbel.fgov.be - Statistics Belgium

Meteo.be - The Royal Meteorological Institute

Map of Belgium


Standaard.be - De Standaard Daily news

Demorgen.be - De Morgen Daily news

Gva.be - Gazet van Antwerpen Daily newspaper

Hln.be - Het Laatste Nieuws Belgium daily

Nieuwsblad.be - Het Nieuwsblad Belgium daily

Lalibre.be - Belgium and international news

Lesoir.be - National and international news

Grenzecho.net - Belgium News in German


Atomium.be - Visit and discover Belgium

Pespmc1.vub.ac.be - International organization

Artsite.be - Artsite Belgium Gallery List

Belart.org - Belgian Art Research Institute

Jacquesbrel.be - Jacques Brel Poet and singer

Delvauxmuseum.com - Belgian painter Paul Delvaux

Rubenshuis.be - Peter Paul Rubens

Antwerp-fashion.be - Fashion Department


Lamonnaie.be - La Monnaie Opera House

Museel.be - Museum of Louvain la Neuve

Fine-arts-museum.be - Royal Museums of Fine Arts

Designmuseumgent.be - Museum of Decorative Arts

Kmkg-mrah.be - Museum institutions in Belgium

Africamuseum.be - Royal Museum for Central Africa


Nbb.be - The Central Bank of Belgium

Abh-ace.be - Belgian Foreign Trade Agency

Euronext.com - Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE)

Belgianchambers.be - Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Business.belgium.be - About investing in Belgium

Goldenpages.be - Business phone numbers and addresses


Belgianbrewers.be - Beer Paradise Belgian Breweries

Neuhaus-online-store.com - Neuhaus Chocolate

Cotedor.be - COTE D'OR Belgian Chocolate

Godiva.com - Godiva Chocolate

Hrdantwerp.com - Diamond High Council - HRD


International Airlines

Flyvlm.com - VLM Airlines

Brusselsairport.be - Brussels International Airport

Charleroi-airport.com - Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Eurostar.com - High-speed passenger train

Belgianrail.be - The Belgian Railways


Belgique-tourisme.be - Belgian Tourist Office

Visitbelgium.com - Belgian National Tourist Office

Visit.brussels - Tourism of Brussels

Brussels.info - Guide to Brussels

Antwerpen.be - City of Antwerp

Brugge.be - The City of Bruges

Charleroi.be - The City of Charleroi

Stad.gent - The City of Ghent

Liege.be - The City of Liege

Namur.be - The City of Namur

Verviers.be - The Wallonian Capital of Water

Waterloo.be - The City of Waterloo

Trivago.com - Hotels in Belgium


Kuleuven.be - Catholic University of Leuven

Ugent.be - University of Ghent

Ulb.ac.be - University of Brussels

Ulg.ac.be - University of Liège

Vub.ac.be - Free University of Brussels


Kbr.be - Royal Library Belgium

Astro.oma.be - Royal Observatory of Belgium

Research.be - Research and Innovation


Biodiv.be - Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Greenpeace.org - Belgian Greenpeace organization

Amisdelaterre.be - Friends of the Earth Belgium

Vmm.be - The Flemish Environment Agency

Wwf.be - World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


Belgium.be - Belgium History and politics

Diplomatie.belgium.be - Belgium - Short History

Webwatch.be - Belgian Search Engine

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