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The Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe, is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Canalside mansions and a trove of works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer remain from the city's 17th-century "Golden Age."

{jcomments on} Koninklijkhuis.nl - The Dutch Royal House

Government.nl - The Dutch Parliament

Overheid.nl - The Dutch government directory

Rijksoverheid.nl - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cbs.nl - CBS - Central Bureau of Statistics

Knmi.nl - Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Map of Netherlands


Ad.nl - Algemeen Dagblad National and international news

Dvhn.nl - Newspaper of the Northern Provences

Expatica.com - Dutch News

Parool.nl - Het Parool National and international news

Hollandnews.nl - English language news

Tmgonlinemedia.nl - De Telegraaf Dutch Newspaper

Volkskrant.nl - De Volkskrant Dutch Newspape


Holland.com - Arts & Architecture

Popinstituut.nl - Dutch Pop and Rock Music Institute

Hollandmuseum.org - Holland Museums

Kunsthal.nl - Natural History Museum Rotterdam

Melkweg.nl - European Hippie Culture

Mondriaanhuis.nl - The painter Piet Mondrian

Museumserver.nl - Netherlands museums

Paradiso.nl - Music hall

Rembrandthuis.nl - Rembrandt Museum

Stedelijk.nl - Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art

Vangoghmuseum.nl - The Van Gogh Museum


Dnb.nl - Central Bank of the Netherlands

Aex.nl - Amsterdam Exchanges

Cbi.eu - CBI – Center for the Promotion of Imports

Hollandtradeandinvest.com - The Foreign Trade Agency

Kvk.nl - Netherland's Chamber of Commerce


Telefoonboek.nl - Netherland's telephone directory


Amstel.nl - Amstel Beer

Droste.nl - Droste Dutch Chocolate

De.nl - Douwe Egberts Coffee

Heineken.com - Heineken Beer

Keukenhof.nl - Spring Garden of Europe

Oililyworld.com - Oilily Children's and Women's clothing

Woodenshoes.nl - Wooden Shoes Dutch clogs


International Airlines

Klm.com - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Schiphol.nl - Schiphol Airport

Rotterdamthehagueairport.nl - Rotterdam Airport

Ns.nl - The Dutch Railroad

Portofrotterdam.com - Rotterdam Port Authority


Holland.com - Netherlands Board of Tourism (N.B.T.)

Noord-holland-tourist.nl - Tourism site of North-Holland

Vvvzhz.nl - Travel and tourism guide

Vvv.nl - TouristInfo Tourism webportal

Amsterdam.nl - The City of Amsterdam

Amsterdamhotspots.nl - Amsterdam Hotspots

Homepages.cwi.nl - Amsterdam city guide

Denhaag.nl - City of Den Haag

Rotterdam.nl - he City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam.info -Rotterdam city guide

Portal.groningen.nl - The City of Groningen

Haarlem.nl - The City of Haarlem

Maastrichtportal.nl - The City of Maastricht

Utrecht.nl - The City of Utrecht


Mijntexel.texel.nl - The island of Texel

Vlieland.net - Vlieland Official tourism information

Vvvterschelling.nl - Terschelling Official tourist office

Vvvameland.nl - Ameland Official tourism website

Vvvschiermonnikoog.nl - Official tourism website

Trivago.com - Hotels in the Netherlands


Rijksoverheid.nl - Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Eur.nl - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rug.nl - University of Groningen

Tue.nl - Eindhoven University of Technology

Uva.nl - University of Amsterdam

Universiteitleiden.nl - University of Leiden

Maastrichtuniversity.nl - University Maastricht

Tilburguniversity.edu - Tilburg University

Uu.nl - University of Utrecht

Vu.nl - Free University Amsterdam


Natuurenmilieufederaties.nl - Provincial Environmental


Groenfront.nl - GroenFront! The Dutch branch

Hier.nu - Climate protection

Milieudefensie.nl - Friends of the Earth Netherlands

Natuurenmilieu.nl - Society for Nature and Environment

Milieu.startpagina.nl - Dutch environmental organizations 

Cyndislist.com - List of Genealogy Sites


Bataviawerf.nl - National Centre for Maritime History

Rijksmuseum.nl - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Home.planet.nl - Dutch History internet resources


Kit.nl - The Royal Tropical Institute

Knag.nl - The Royal Dutch Geographical Society

Knaw.nl - Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences

Space-expo.nl - pace Expo Noordwijk

Ilse.nl - The Internet index Netherlands

Nl-menu.nl - NL -menue Dutch Webindex

Startnederland.nl - Links mainly towards the Netherlands

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