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==>Switzerland News<==

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Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Its cities contain medieval quarters, with landmarks like capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Lucerne’s wooden chapel bridge. The country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Banking and finance are key industries, and Swiss watches and chocolate are world renowned.

 Admin.ch - Swiss Confederation

Parlament.ch - The Swiss Parliament

Eda.admin.ch - Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Bfs.admin.ch - Federal Statistical Office

Meteoschweiz.admin.ch - Swiss Meteorological Institute

Map of Switzerland


Lematin.ch - National and international news

Nzz.ch - Neue Zürcher Zeitung Swiss newspaper

Swissinfo.ch - National and international news

Tdg.ch - Tribune de Genève National and international news

Weltwoche.ch - Die Weltwoche Swiss Newspaper


Artbrut.ch - Art Brut

Kunstmuseumbasel.ch - Museum for contemporary art

Tinguely.ch - Museum Jean Tinguely

Swissart.ch - Portal for art lovers

Nationalmuseum.ch - The Swiss national museum

Technorama.ch - An interactive science museum

Verkehrshaus.org - Museum of Transport and Communication

Museums.ch - Museums of Switzerland


Montreuxjazz.com - Montreux Jazz Festival

Music.ch - Guide to popular Swiss music

Yeah.paleo.ch - Paléo Festival Open-air music event

Schauspielhaus.ch - Theaters in Switzerland

Swissvistas.com - Switzerland Culture and Traditions


Snb.ch - Central Bank of Switzerland

Six-swiss-exchange.com - The Swiss Stock Exchange

Sihk.ch - Chambers of commerce and industry


Lindt.ch - Lindt Swiss chocolate

Nestle.ch - Nestlé Home of Nescafé

Cheesesfromswitzerland.com - Swiss Alpine Cheese

Redcross.ch - Swiss Red Cross

Victorinox.com - Victorinox The Swiss Army Knive

Audemarspiguet.com - Free newsletter

Fhs.ch - Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

Fpjourne.com - F.P. Journe Chronometer - Invenit et Fecit

Swatch.com - Modern times Swiss watches for collectors

Swisstime.ch - Wonderful World of Swiss Watches


International Airlines

Flyedelweiss.com - Edelweiss Air

Helvetic.com - Helvetic Airways

Swiss.com - Swiss International Air Lines

Gva.ch - Geneva International Airport

Zurich-airport.com - Zurich Airport

Alptransit.ch - Gotthard railway

Matterhorngotthardbahn.ch - Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Glacierexpress.ch - Glacier Express

Gornergratbahn.ch - Gornergrat Bahn

Sbb.ch - The Swiss Railway - SBB


Myswitzerland.com - Switzerland Tourism

Graubuenden.ch - Tourism guide to Graubünden

Grindelwald.ch - Grindelwald Tourism

Juratourisme.ch - Jura Tourisme

Lake-geneva-region.ch - Lake Geneva Region

Montreux-vevey.com - Montreux-Vevey Tourisme

Neuchateltourisme.ch - Neuchâtel Official tourism website

Watchvalley.ch - Watch Valley

Ticino.ch - Official tourism guide of Ticino

Beau-rivage.ch - Hotel Beau-Rivage

Trivago.com - Hotels in Switzerland


Unibas.ch - The University of Basel

Unibe.ch - University of Bern

Unige.ch - University of Geneva

Unil.ch - University of Lausanne

Uzh.ch - University of Zurich


Home.cern - European Laboratory for Particle Physics


Bafu.admin.ch - Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

Greenpeace.org - Greenpeace Switzerland

Pronatura.ch - Pro Natura - Friends of the Earth Switzerland

Wwf.ch - WWF Schweiz

Biosphaere.ch - UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch


Search.ch - Swiss search engine

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