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Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily Nation
  1. CHINESE President Xi Jinping held a telephone conversation with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, yesterday at the latter’s request. Trump said he looks forward to meeting Xi again during the upcoming
  2. AN international counterterrorism forum hosted by China’s armed police force opened in Beijing yesterday. With the theme Special Forces Sniping, the four-day event, Great Wall-2019 International Forum
  3. THIRTEEN people are known to have died and nearly 200 were injured as of yesterday after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Monday night. The earthquake struck Changning
  4. RESIDENTS of the provincial capital Chengdu, more than 200km away from the epicenter of the quake, were alerted to the danger by warning systems. First there was a countdown from the public broadcasting
  5. Wudongde hydropower station, which will be China’s fourth-largest and the world’s seventh-largest hydropower project upon completion, is scheduled to start power generation in August 2020.
  6. Giving birth to children at an older age, even at an advanced age, has become a trend in Taiwan compared with 10 years ago.
  7. Two items suspected of being made from elephant tusks and a specimen of a hawksbill turtle were found in two parcels from Japan, Shenyang Customs in northeast China’s Liaoning Province said yesterday.
  8. In a greenhouse, a white robot moves between rows of greenery while data about the plants is gathered and fed back to a control room.

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