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  1. Police fire a gun and deploy a water cannon to disperse crowds during a 12th week of protests.
  2. In a rare acknowledgement, PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israeli forces targeted "killer drones".
  3. Two of those killed when a helicopter and an ultralight plane collided were under 18.
  4. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year, many for shark fin soup.
  5. The government is accused of ignoring illegal deforestation and burning in the Amazon.
  6. Swathes of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil are burning at a record rate.
  7. Deputy Angel Reinosa cut two bullet holes in his shirt and called in to say he was "taking shots".
  8. Two years after what the UN calls ethnic cleansing, refugees from Myanmar mark their "genocide day".
  9. Five young fans of popular French-based rapper Soolking were killed in a stadium in Algiers.
  10. Six people are injured as lightning strikes hit a tree at the season-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta.