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BBC News - World
  1. Joshua Wong, who became the face of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, has been released from prison.
  2. Argentina's president promises a full investigation after a blackout left millions without electricity.
  3. Police arrest two Italians in Thailand who posed as George Clooney to promote a fashion business.
  4. The BBC has uncovered evidence that prescription drugs have been taken out of circulation by health workers and sold on illegally.
  5. The wife of the former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn wants pressure put on Japan over his legal battle.
  6. The vote in Görlitz was viewed as a test for the anti-immigration party ahead of regional elections.
  7. Wearing a traditional white robe, Omar al-Bashir was taken from jail to the prosecutor's office.
  8. Rohit Sharma hits his second century of the World Cup as India thrash Pakistan by 86 runs at Old Trafford.
  9. Sara Netanyahu is fined $12,490 (£9,917) after being convicted of misusing state funds for meals.
  10. No explanation has been given for the shut downs but they coincide with nationwide exams.

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