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Air Jordan is a brand of basketball footwear and athletic clothing produced by Nike. It was created for former professional basketball player, Michael Jordan.

 Kingabdullah.jo - King Abdullah II

Queenrania.jo - Queen Rania Al - Abdullah

Kinghussein.gov.jo - HM King Hussein I of Jordan


Nic.gov.jo - National Information System of Jordan

Jordanembassyus.org - Embassy of Jordan in the USA

Jordan.gov.jo - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Map of Jordan


Addustour.com - Ad-Dustour Newspaper

Alrai.com - Al-Ra'i National and international news

Jordantimes.com - Jordan Times Daily newspaper

Petra.gov.jo - Petra News Agency


Daratalfunun.org - Arts and the artists of Jordan


Mit.gov.jo - Ministry of Industry and Trade

Ammanchamber.org - Amman Chamber of Commerce


Royalwings.com.jo - Royal Wings Airline

Nebotours.com - Discover Jordan

Jordanecotours.com - Jordan Eco Tours

Pttco.com - Petra Tours Travel and tourism companies

Trivago.com - Hotels in Jordan


 Philadelphia.edu.jo - Philadelphia University

Ju.edu.jo - University of Jordan

Nl.gov.jo - National Library

Riifs.org - Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies


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