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==>Palestinian territories News<==

"Palestinian territories" and "occupied Palestinian territories" are descriptions often used to describe the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which are occupied or otherwise under the control of Israel.

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 Palestinecabinet.gov.ps - Palestinian Government

Minfo.gov.ps - Palestine Ministry Of Information

Mofa.gov.ps - Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Map of Palestinian territories


Al-ayyam.ps - Ramallah-based daily newspaper

Alhaya.ps - National Authority Newspaper

Alquds.com - Jerusalem newspaper

Palinfo.com - Palestinian Information Center

Palestine-pmc.com - Palestine Media Center (PMC)

English.wafa.ps - WAFA - Palestine News Agency


Baha-cartoon.net - A Palestinian cartoonist's work

Breakingtheice.org - Extreme Peace Mission

Kamilyajubran.com - All about Kamilya Jubran

Popularartcentre.org - Popular art centre


Bankofpalestine.com - Bank Of Palestine

Pal-chambers.org - Palestinian Chambers of Commerce


Visitpalestine.ps - Guide to Palestine

Noblesanctuary.com - Rock in Jerusalem

Jerusalem.muni.il - The Municipality of Jerusalem

Cchp.ps - A Guide to Bethlehem

Mogaza.org - The Municipality of Gaza City

Nablus.org - The Municipality of Nablus

Nazareth.muni.il - The Municipality of Nazareth

Palestinehotels.com - The Hotels of Palestine


Alazhar.edu.ps - Al-Azhar University of Gaza

Alquds.edu - Al-Quds University

Najah.edu - An-Najah National University

Bethlehem.edu - Bethlehem University

Birzeit.edu - Birzeit University

Pcpsr.org - Center for Palestine Research & Studies (CPRS)

Iugaza.edu - Islamic University of Gaza


Pal-arc.org - Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees

Phg.org - Palestinian Hydrology Group

History.com - History of Palestine

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