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Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines. Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, hosts a boisterous carnival featuring calypso and soca music. Numerous bird species inhabit sanctuaries such as the Asa Wright Nature Centre. The smaller island of Tobago is known for its beaches and the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which shelters hummingbirds.

 Ttconnect.gov.tt - Trinidad and Tobago Government Site

Ttparliament.org - Trinidad & Tobago Parliament

Opm.gov.tt - Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister

Ttmissions.com - Trinidad and Tobago Missions Ottawa, Canada

Map of Trinidad and Tobago


Newsday.co.tt - News magazine

Trinidadexpress.com - News

Guardian.co.tt - Trinidad newspaper

Amonhotep.com - World History of the African people

Trinicenter.com - Trinidad & Tobago News

Trinisoca.com - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Cultural Center

Triniview.com - Cultural Center of Trinidad and Tobago

Pantrinbago.co.tt - comprehensive news, music and history

Panonthenet.com - Steel Pan In Trinidad


Central-bank.org.tt - Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Investtnt.com - Investing in Trinidad and Tobago

Chamber.org.tt - Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Whoswhotnt.com - Trinidad and Tobago Business


International Airlines

Caribbean-airlines.com - Caribbean Airlines

Tntairports.com - The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

Patnt.com - The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

Gotrinidadandtobago.com - Trinidad and Tobago Tourism

Visittobago.gov.tt - Tobago Tourism

Tdc.co.tt - Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Company (TDC)

Discovertnt.com - guide to the Trinidad & Tobago

Tnthotels.com - Hotels, Restaurants, Travel

Trintours.com - Certified Tour Operators Sightseeing Tours

Yes-tourism.com - Crown Point, Tobago

Nalis.gov.tt - National Library Information System


Sta.uwi.edu - University of the West Indies

Ima.gov.tt - Institute of Marine Affairs


Ema.co.tt - Environmental Management Authority (EMA)



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