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Colombia is a country at the northern tip of South America. It's landscape is marked by rainforests, Andes mountains and numerous coffee plantations. In the high-altitude capital, Bogotá, the Zona Rosa district is known for its restaurants and shops. Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast, has a walled colonial Old Town, a 16th-century castle and nearby coral reefs.

 Es.presidencia.gov.co - Presidency of the Republic

Senado.gov.co - Senate of the Republic

Sivirtual.gov.co - The Colombian Government

Nuevayork-onu.mision.gov.co - Permanent Mission to the UN

Colombiaemb.org - Embassy of Colombia in the U.S.

Dane.gov.co - Statistics Colombia

Map of Colombia


Elcolombiano.com - El Colombiano Colombia News

Eldiario.com.co - El Diario On-Line News

Elespectador.com - El Espectador newspaper

Elmundo.com - El Mundo Colombia News

Eltiempo.com - El Tiempo Domestic and international news

Portafolio.co - Portafolio business news Colombia

Bibliotecanacional.gov.co - The National Library of Colombia


Banrep.gov.co - Central Bank Colombia

Bvc.com.co - Stock Exchange Colombia

Ccb.org.co - Chamber of Commerce Bogotá


Federaciondecafeteros.org - Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

Cafedecolombia.com - Colombian Coffee

Focus-economics.com - Economic Indicators


International Airlines

Avianca.com - Avianca The Colombian Airline

Bogotaturismo.gov.co - city guide

Yocreoencolombia.com - I believe in Colombia


Javeriana.edu.co - Papal University Javeriana

Udea.edu.co - University of Antioquia

Uniandes.edu.co - University of the Andi

Eafit.edu.co - University EAFIT

Ulagrancolombia.edu.co - University of La Gran Colombia

Medellin.unal.edu.co - National / Medellín University

Univalle.edu.co - University of the Valle


Colciencias.gov.co - Institute for Science and Techonology

Parquesnacionales.gov.co - The National System of Protected Areas

Wwf.org.co - WWF Colombia

Panda.org - about WWF's work in Colombia

Archivogeneral.gov.co - The Colombian National Archive

Hartford-hwp.com - History of Colombia

Indigenascolombia.org - about ethnic groups of Colombia


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