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French Guiana is an overseas department of France on the northeast coast of South America, composed mainly of tropical rainforest. The ruins of 17th-century Fort Cépérou overlook the capital, Cayenne, with its colorful Creole houses and street markets. Shops and cafes surround the palm-filled main square, Place des Palmistes. The Rémire-Montjoly suburb is lined with Atlantic coast beaches.

 Outre-mer.gouv.fr - The French Overseas Ministry

Guyane.pref.gouv.fr - The Prefecture of French Guiana

Meteofrance.gp - Weather Meteo Antilles

Map of French Guiana


97320.com - News

Blada.com - The little Journal of Kourou (in French)

Krakemanto.gf - Festival of Storytellers


Guyane.cci.fr - French Guiana Chamber of Commerce


Guyane-amazonie.fr - Tourist Board of French Guiana

Guyane-guide.com - Guide to French Guiana

Guyane-education.org - A guide to education in French Guiana

Ird.fr - French Guyanese flora and fauna

Kwata.net - Nature protection

Guyane-amazonie.fr - A guide to nature zones of French Guiana

Esa.int - European Space Agency

Arianespace.com - Satellite in space

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