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  1. Pelosi told the Associated Press that "This is a manifestation of behavior that is outside the circle of civilized human behavior.”
  2. The Supreme Court ruled that even sex offenders deserve to have the reasons for their sentences determined by a jury, not a judge.
  3. It's not just Texas: Migrant families, activists and attorneys said this week that the abuse of child migrants remains widespread across the U.S.
  4. "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star Beth Chapman has died after battling lung cancer, her husband and TV show co-star Duane announced Wednesday. She was 51.
  5. You can turn off some of the tracking, but then many Amazon features won't work. And if you want to delete your Alexa recordings, you need the app.
  6. Can six minutes of fast talk on a crowded stage ignite a presidential campaign? 20 Democratic hopefuls hope so.
  7. Bob Ley, who spent nearly 40 years at ESPN and most recently served as the host of "Outside the Lines," says he is retiring next week.
  8. Graphic photos from the border of a drowned father and daughter circulated on social media Tuesday. This is why we decided to publish them.
  9. One of the complaints against Sean Lawler was that he carried a whip around the office in an apparent attempt to intimidate co-workers, reports said.
  10. While this move was expected, it's still significant, as it means Durant won't for sure end up in Golden State next season.

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