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==>Finland News<==

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Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, the fashionable Design District and diverse museums. The Northern Lights can be seen from the country's Arctic Lapland province, a vast wilderness with national parks and ski resorts.

 President.fi - President of the Republic of Finland

Valtioneuvosto.fi - The Parliament of Finland

Eduskunta.fi - The Parliament of Finland

Valtioneuvosto.fi - The Finnish Council of State

Suomi.fi - Public services

Formin.finland.fi - The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Stat.fi - Statistics Finland

Ilmatieteenlaitos.fi - The Finnish Meteorological Institute

Map of Finland


Sanomalehdet.fi - Finnish Newspapers Association

Hs.fi - International Edition

Finland.fi - Daily news

Stt.fi - Finnish News Agency STT

Yle.fi - YLE Radio Finland


Eurovision.tv - The European Song Contest

Sauna.fi - Finnish sauna society

Kansallisgalleria.fi - The Finnish National Gallery

Kiasma.fng.fi - Museum of Contemporary Art


Suomenpankki.fi - Bank of Finland

Kskauppakamari.fi - Central Finland Chamber of Commerce

Helsinki.chamber.fi - Helsinki Chamber of Commerce


Contactfinland.fi - Contact Finland

Nokia.com - Nokia Finnish Products


Finnair.com - Finnair Finland's Airline

Vr.fi - Finnish Railways

Silja.com - Silja Line Ferry line

Vikingline.fi - Viking Line Ferry line

Expressbus.com - Bus Expressbus


Visitfinland.com - Finnish tourist board

Visitfinland.fi - Online Travel Guide

Finland.fi - Comprehensive information on the country

Hel.fi - Tourism information for Helsinki

Espoo.fi - Espoo is Finland's second largest city

Tampere.fi - City of Tampere

Vantaa.fi - Vantaa's official site

Turku.fi - Turku Finlands Christmas City

Trivago.com - Hotels in Finland


Samediggi.fi - The Saami Parliament in Finland


Studyinfinland.fi - Information about education

Aalto.fi - School of Economics and Business Administration

Helsinki.fi - University of Helsinki

Ulapland.fi - The University of Lapland

Oulu.fi - University of Oulu

Uva.fi - University of Vaasa


Environment.fi - Finland's environmental administration

Metsa.fi - Manage and protect the forest sector

Luontoliitto.fi - Finnish Nature League

Luke.fi - Game and Fisheries

Gtk.fi - Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Ymparisto.fi - SYKE Finnish Environment Institute

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