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==>Lithuania News<==

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Lithuania is a country and the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Its capital, Vilnius, near the Belarus border, is known for its medieval Old Town. It also has Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and 18th-century cathedral built on a pagan temple site. Hilltop Gediminas' Tower, a symbol of the city and the nation, offers sweeping views.

 Lrp.lt - Lithuania's president (in Lithuanian)

Lrv.lt - The Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Lrs.lt - Seimas Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

Urm.lt - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Std.lt - Statistics Lithuania

Map of Lithuania


Elta.lt - ELTA Lithuanian News Agency

Lrytas.lt - Lietuvos rytas National daily news

Lzinios.lt - Lietuvos Zinios Lithuanian daily

Kauno.diena.lt - Kauno diena Lithuanian newspaper

Veidas.lt - Veidas Political weekly

Vz.lt - Verslo Zinios

Baltictimes.com - News from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

Lrt.lt - Lithuanian Radio and TV


Cac.lt - Contemporary Art Centre

Ldm.lt - Lithuanian Art Museums

Ambergallery.lt - Amber Museum0

Lnm.lt - National Museum of Lithuania

Muziejai.lt - Museums of Lithuania

Lnb.lt - The National Library of Lithuania


Lbank.lt - Lithuanian Central Bank

Nasdaqbaltic.com - Vilnius Stock Exchange

Info.lt - Lithuanian Business Directory

Cci.lt - Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts


International Airlines

Vilnius-airport.lt - Vilnius International Airport

Kaunas-airport.lt - Kaunas Airport

Palanga-airport.lt - Palanga Airport


Lithuania.travel - The Official Lithuanian Travel Guide

Tourism.lt - The Tourism Department

Atostogoskaime.lt - Countryside Tourism Association

Vilnius.lt - Official website of the capital city

Birstonas.lt - Birstonas Municipality

Druskininkai.lt - Spa town Druskininkai Tourism

Klaipedainfo.lt - Tourism and Culture Information Centre

Visitneringa.com - Neringa tourism information

Palangatic.lt - Palanga tourism information centre

Trivago.com - Hotels in Lithuania


Vu.lt - Vilnius University

Vgtu.lt - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Ktu.edu - Kaunas University of Technology

Vdu.lt - Vytautas Magnus University

Ku.lt - Klaipeda University


Am.lt - Ministry of Environment

Vstt.lt - State Service for Protected Areas

Anp.lt - Aukstaitija National Park

Nerija.lt - Kursiu Nerija National Park

Seniejitrakai.lt - Trakai Historical National Park

Zemaitijosnp.lt - Zemaitija National Park

Tourism.lt - Nature Lithuania

Vlib.iue.it - History: Lithuania

On.lt - Lithuania-On-Line

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