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  1. Canada's PM earlier apologised for two other incidents in which he donned brown or black make-up.
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz say they want a unity government, but disagree over the premiership.
  3. Handsets will offer Facebook's apps via Huawei's own store but are not pre-loaded with Google's.
  4. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who led the country for 23 years before he was ousted in 2011, was 83.
  5. The chief executive says Amazon will buy thousands of electric vehicles and become carbon neutral by 2040.
  6. Laura Codruta Kovesi, Romania's former anti-corruption chief, gains backing to head new role.
  7. The global police agency says the suspects were using busy tourist routes between Africa and Europe.
  8. The attack comes as reports emerge that an air strike killed some villagers in eastern Afghanistan.
  9. The Belgian jet's pilot is safe and well after being rescued from the line in north-western France.
  10. MPs in Vienna deal a blow to a landmark agreement which cannot pass without all EU states backing it.